Victorian Farmhouse Porch

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Our production manager, Tom, took the above time series of photos to show the process of manufacturing and installing a porch. The client had a rough design concept but relied upon us to produce the right level of detail. The porch was to go over the front door of a classic Victorian stone-clad farmhouse. It was made from modified wood.

The wood chosen was Accoya® and the panels were made out of Tricoya®. Accoya is a high-performance modified wood whilst Tricoya is an MDF board. Both are based on wood acetylation. These products are extremely resistant to fungal attack or decay. We are able to provide a 50-year warranty against rot.

The demand for external joinery made of both Accoya and Tricoya is increasing because of the exceptional life expectancy. The cost differential between using modified timber and hardwood is marginal.

Accoya and Tricoya is based on wood acetylation. Acetyl groups are already naturally present in all wood species. This means that the manufacturing process adds nothing to the wood that does not already naturally occur within it. This results in an end product that does not add toxins to the environment.

Modified wood and its products, such as Accoya and Tricoya, are the way forward for external joinery products. They combine the versatility and looks of timber with a stable product that will outlast almost any other building material. And they are cost-effective and do not damage the environment. Compare this with plastic or aluminium!

Roofing was installed by Graham Barker Roofing Services Limited