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DJ Newman Joinery is one of Cornwall’s oldest joinery companies celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019.  Established in 1969, it was incorporated as a limited company ten years later.  The focus has always been on producing quality bespoke joinery made-to-measure with great precision and craftsmanship.

Pride in our work

“Of course, we strive for customer satisfaction but, at the end of the day, we want to be proud of what we make”, says Armando Vieira.  “That goal is shared throughout our entire team.  Nobody would think of passing on the product to the next stage of manufacturing unless completely satisfied with the level of workmanship.”

“That’s very true”, says David Hawkey.  “It takes up a lot of my and Armando’s time in discussing with individual team members how to solve technical issues.  But it is time well spent.  The beauty of it is that they rarely come to see us with a problem without also having thought of a solution.  It really is a two-way street.  That is the advantage of employing true craftsmen.  We learn so much from each other!”

Modern Technology

Although the company manufactures traditional joinery, it has not shied away from adopting modern technology.  This is particularly relevant in the machinery section where raw timber is cut, planed and moulded ready for assembly by the bench joiners.  “Modern computerised cutters can produce sections with precision measured in microns.  These result in amazingly strong and stable joints”, says Armando.  The company has made a significant investment in the purchase of a CNC Spindle Moulder and a CNC Tenoner.  “The quality that these machines produce far exceeds that of their more labour-intensive predecessors”.  “Yes”, chips in Dave, “and at twice the speed!”

Armando and Dave are both directors of the company and became joint owners in February 2020.  “It is as close to a co-operative as you can get”, says Dave.  “We were given the opportunity of taking control in order to continue the philosophy that has driven the company over the last few years”.

Company Philosophy

The philosophy is simple: to continue to run a successful business that gives employment for all the staff in the right environment for their skills to flourish.  “We have no great desire to expand the business”, says Armando.  “We work towards securing enough work to keep everyone employed and happy in their jobs whilst meeting the demands of our customers.  Happy customers, happy staff, that’s our goal”.

“The welfare of our colleagues is paramount”, adds Dave. “We try to look after them as best as we can, not only their general welfare but particularly their health and safety.  We have made so much progress in this area, something that we are particularly proud of.  Not that this task is completed.  By nature, it never will be!”

Both Dave and Armando agree that the future for joinery companies looks promising.  The big change that they foresee is the switch back to using timber products in construction rather than plastics.

The Environment

“The world is finally waking up to the damage that plastic products are doing to our environment”, says Armando, noting that plastics are made from oil and release a huge amount of carbon into the atmosphere during production.  “It’s not only at that stage that the damage is caused.  At the end of the life cycle, plastic products end up in landfill, leaking poisonous gases for decades”.  By contrast, he notes, timber is made from trees which replenish atmospheric oxygen whilst growing.  “And disposal of wooden products can be either by composting or used as fuel.”

“The other benefit that is now being realised is that modern specialist timbers will outlive plastics and overall are a significantly cheaper option”, adds Dave.  “The world is finally waking up to this and the government will undoubtedly introduce new building regulations in the near future.”

“And”, concludes Armando, “wood is a beautiful product.  Plastic is horrid”.  They both agree on that!

Company Details

Registered Office Address: The Old Carriage Works, Moresk Road, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 1DG

Trading Address: Unit 7, Victoria Business Park, Roche, St Austell, Cornwall PL26 8LX

Company Number01430959

VAT Number: 337-0735-60

Directors and Officers

Armando Vieira – Director

David Hawkey – Director

Carlton Lee – Company Secretary