Why wood?

Wooden Windows? Or Plastic? That Is The Question!

Why choose wooden windows when you could go for plastic ones that require less maintenance?Photo of a forest, the ultimate material source of wooden windows

Safeguarding the Environment

Whilst it is true that the quality and looks of plastic windows have improved significantly over the last few years, there is no getting away from the fact that wooden windows look far superior.  But there are even more compelling reasons.  Apart from the obvious one, that you can repaint wooden windows in a different colour if fashions change, there is a huge advantage for the environment.  Timber comes from trees, plastic comes from oil.  Trees consume CO2  to produce oxygen, but producing plastic consumes oxygen and creates CO2 (and many other nasties).

What would you prefer to see?  Beautiful forests or more oil refineries?

Photo of oil refinery

Renewable Sources

DJ Newman Joinery is committed to only using timber from renewable sources.  We are not only proud of the quality of our workmanship but also of the beautiful wood that we use.

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