What is Accoya?

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DJ Newman Joinery is pleased to be promoting the use of Accoya as the timber of choice for making external doors and windows.  The longevity of this material and its resistance to rot and fungal attack enables us to offer a 50-year guarantee.  This far exceeds guarantees offered for either uPVC or aluminium windows and doors that rarely exceed 10 years.  And Accoya® is a real timber; the look of wooden windows and doors is far more aesthetic than the alternatives. In our humble opinion!

What is Accoya®?

Accoya® is a modified timber that through a process of acetylation enables it to resist rot and defy the elements, essential for a region such as Cornwall, surrounded by corrosive salt air and known for its rainfall.  Accoya® also offers improved thermal insulation properties compared with other timbers – and far exceeds those offered by either uPVC or aluminium.  Not only is it resistant to decay, Accoya® wood has an enhanced coating performance.  The paint finish that DJ Newman Joinery applies will last up to twice as long as those applied to other hardwoods, saving time, money and hassle.  And the dimensional stability of Accoya® significantly reduces any likelihood of swelling, warping or shrinkage.

Sustainability and the Environment.

PVC is made from oil, aluminium is made from bauxite.  Both are non-renewable resources.  Accoya® is made from softwood, commonly Radiata Pine, that is infinitely renewable.  Both PVC and aluminium require vast amounts of energy to manufacture and produces significant pollution.  The process to produce Accoya® only uses a fraction of the energy requirements of either.  During the life-cycle of a typical aluminium or PVC window or door two Radiata Pine trees can be grown and harvested, each absorbing CO2 and producing oxygen through photosynthesis.  And at the end of its life, aluminium and PVC windows usually end up in landfill with serious adverse effect on the environment.  Accoya®, by contrast, is a biodegradable material that can be composted.  In an internationally-recognised independent assessment, nearly 25 tonnes of CO2 is produced to make one cubic metre of aluminium.  PVC produces over 4 tonnes of CO2.  Accoya® made from Radiata Pine produces a mere 342 kilograms, 99% less than aluminium and 92% less than PVC.  For those that really care about the environment, timber must be material of choice. 

By choosing Accoya®, the benefit for the environment is enhanced by the longevity of the product, not to mention the aesthetic beauty.

Click here for information about our warranties. Please note that DJ Newman Joinery does not recommend softwood for external windows or doors.

Accoya® and the trimarque logo devices are registered trademarks of Accsys Technologies.

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