We can!

PAS24:2016, Part Q Building Regulations, U-values… There are so many regulations, many that have been introduced lately, regarding the manufacturing of windows and doors.  Only a few joinery companies in Cornwall have invested the time, effort and money to ensure that they can comply with them all – and even fewer have been properly certified. We have!

Do these regulations matter?  Absolutely!  PAS24, part of the Secured by Design initiative promoted by the police force, sets out new regulations that apply to all external windows and doorsets – whether for new buildings or as replacements in existing buildings.  These regulations cover not only locking systems but also the strength of the doors and windows to impede any attempt to for someone to break into the building.  This includes ensuring that the timber itself is sufficiently strong; that all joints can resist force and that all frames and doors are appropriately strengthened and that the glass is difficult to break or remove.  To meet these requirements, the design and constriction must be tested and approved by a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), accredited test house. 

PAS24 sits alongside Part Q of the Building Regulations that creates a new standard for the security of new dwellings.   Approved Document Q is designed to ensure the prevention of unauthorised access to dwellings, including flats. Any external doors and windows that could be easily accessed in an attempted security breach must be capable of resisting physical attack by a ‘casual or opportunist’ individual.  Windows and doors that can be classed as easily accessible include windows or doorways at basement and ground floor level; on or above access balconies or above flat or sloping roofs.  All Part Q-approved windows and doors must be sufficiently robust, fitted with appropriate hardware to thwart a physical attack and be able to prove its security performance under examination.  Part of every type of window and door system must be tested for Part Q Building Regulations.

The Building Regulations also cover thermal heat loss.  Every external window and door must have the amount of heat loss through both the glass and the framework calculated.  The resultant U-value rating must not exceed the maximum levels permitted under the regulations.

If you are shopping around for replacement windows or doors, do ask whether your joinery company can certify their products comply with these regulations.  Needless to say, WE CAN!

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