Wooden windows come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes ranging from large Georgian sash-windows to small round feature windows.  Often the window type that you might be seeking will be as a replacement for an existing one.  Although this simplifies the decision making, you will still need to consider the type of glazing that you need as well as how you would like the window finished.  And, of course, the type of hardware.

Whether you are looking at windows for a new building or as replacements, our team at DJ Newman Joinery can help you with all of these questions. Over the years, DJ Newman Joinery has produced thousands of windows of every type, size and colour.

We can answer your questions.  Just give us a shout!

  • Beauty of Wood - Timber windows portray elegance. They are stylish and timeless
  • Lovingly Crafted - The elegance of timber windows can be seen in the careful way that they are constructed.
  • Fully Finished - Windows can be provided as bare wood or primed - or fully painted or stained to a colour of your choosing