Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered  or Laminated?

Laminate flooring has a poor reputation.  It is constructed of thin boards of pressed wood with an image of wood laid on top which is protected with a clear layer to allow for some wear.  Notorious for its tendency to lift and buckle, laminated boarding looks cheap.  Estate agents acknowledge that laminate flooring tends to depress the value of a home.

By contrast, engineered hardwood flooring is made of plywood faced with a veneer, up to 1/4 inch thick, of real hardwood.  This flooring is extremely stable and looks as good as using solid hardwood boards.  Even better, engineered flooring stands up to moisture much better than solid boards.  And estate agents consider engineered flooring a value-enhancement to any home.

DJ Newman Joinery Fitter laying Bauer engineered hardwood flooringBauer Lambourne 3-Ply Oak Engineered Boarding

One of DJ Newman Joinery Limited’s fitters is seen here laying Bauer engineered flooring in a house in Cornwall.  This oak flooring is being laid over underfloor electrical heating to provide a combination of beautiful wood with that cosy warm underfoot feeling in the winter.  Engineered flooring made by Eddie Bauer is constructed with a high-strength birch core topped with thick, sliced and sawn hardwood layers showing the true grain patterns of natural wood. The boards are finished with a tough, scratch resistant, UV cured acrylic protective layer.  So confident is Bauer of the quality of its product that the company gives a lifetime wear warranty for residential use.

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