Applause for a Bookcase

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The brief was simple.  “I would like a bookcase built into the alcove where I can store my photo albums in the cupboards and display some of my things on the shelves”.  The design was kept simple to match the brief.  The base unit for the cupboards was planned with sliding doors so as to remain easily accessible with the sofa remaining in position; and the bookcase was to have three shelves spaced at reducing intervals to give both the impression of height as well as giving a greater option for displaying items.  LED lighting was built in to the vertical struts.  The whole unit was made of MDF and was spray-painted in the client’s choice of colour.

“I am absolutely thrilled”, wrote the customer in an email. “Your team took such care in fitting it, ensuring that it exactly filled the space.  It looks like it has been there forever.  And I just love the effect of the lighting!”.


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